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Thank you Eko Fresh & Ali As!

I had a wonderful time at the 'Cup der Nationen' concert in Frankfurt last Sunday!

I met some great dancers & he crowd was really dope : )

After I permformed 'What I Stand On' I had the chance to meet the german rapper Ali As backstage. He is such an open-hearted person and extremly nice!

His performace was so bomb! I really felt the energy!!

Later on, Mister Eko Fresh performed and took the crowd way back in time! Their flow is so sick and I really enjoyed every minute of the show, even the hot sun didn't matter at all.

After the show, I met Eko Fresh in his VIP-room and he was so patient and very nice to me and my brothers from the WhoAmI - Creative Academy! Both rappers really took their time to talk to us and give us some good advice on the way : )

Thanks to the WhoAmI Creative Academy for giving me this opportunity!!

You can watch my performace on my Instagram account @Sharry_Music

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