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W O R T E - feat Tabea Booz

Thank you so much for featuring me on your beautiful song, Tabea Booz 💜

'Worte' has not only touched my soul, it's also my first feature ever!

Tabea released a double-EP named 'TatenDrang' 🔥 Worte is a part of the EP, which is available on all streaming platforms. Her EP is amazing! Real soul - real emotions - real Queen-sh!t 💜 much love to youuu!

More about Tabea Booz:

My lyrics:

Knowledge is power and your voice is like your weapon

Using my words to have a greater impact, tho I got questions

Like, why does it seem like we never learn from our lessons ?

Can we ever make sweet lemonade from all these lemons ?

Don't let history repeat itself, not even for a second

No whispering allowed, you gotta be loud and pressing

How many tears have to fall for us to see everyone as a blessing ?

Will I live up to see this world become respectful and accepting ?

I am just asking - cause I ain't got all the answers

How can human lives mean less than documents and papers ?

There will never be a way to justify hating strangers

These topics cross my mind and then I'm feeling all that anger

What a time to be alive, use your vocal power clever

You are not alone and we can change things for the better

Leaving no one behind, while climbing up the ladder

Open your eyes and speak up, because it matters



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