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Jewrovision 2017

'Or Chadash featuring Jujuba' won the 2nd Place in Karlsruhe!

It was my third time performing with the Or Chadash group and every moment on stage felt amazing! It has always been a pleasure to work with the other Rappers, Singers and over 20 dancers on our performance. After 3 years of participating on the competition show - named 'Jewrovisison', winning the First place 2 years in a row and then score the Second place out of 18 live acts journey on this show came to an end. I appreciate all the awsome memories with the group, all the hours of rehearsing, writing, performing and working hard on the 'perfect 4 minutes' on stage. I hope to have more opportunities to perform with Or Chadash in the future and I wish these incredible young artists good luck on their journey!!

btw: just ignore my silly face on the video-cover haha

TV interview with Landesschau on SWR Germany:

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